Game Audio

‘Sneaky Bears VR’ 

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In 2016 I worked on the mobile version of VR game ‘Sneaky Bears’ as Sound Designer and Dialogue Recording Engineer/Mixing for the games villain ‘Frank’  The sound design features a mixture of Foley, Synthesis, and consisted of recording many different toy noises and manipulated human voice! Sneaky Bears is a virtual reality game developed by ‘WarDucks’ an Irish Game Developer company. The mobile version is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

“In a forgotten toy factory, Frank, the fiendish teddy bear, plans to unleash a horde of cuddly monsters on the world. It’s up to you to uncover what’s behind Frank’s mischievous plans.’ Non stop action throughout the dramatic factory surroundings, this is one you could bear-ly dare to miss. Best of luck human, we think you’ll need it…”

Sneaky Bears is currently in re-development for  Playstation VR for more check out

Check out the gameplay video below!


‘Nightmares’ 3D Platform Shooter

Below is a playable platform shooter game from UNITY assist store. All original sounds and music have been replaced with my own sound design and music.

All sounds, fx, dialogue, music have been created  and implemented into the unity game engine by myself. Click the image below to redirect to the playable game :)


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 19.18.35


‘The Last Of Us’  (in game action cue, & composing under dialogue)

‘Dishonoured’ game trailer (action cue)

‘Outlast’ Game Trailer (Horror Underscore) 

‘FEZ’ – Game Trailer (platform puzzle fun)

‘Arkham Knight’ Game Trailer (electronic hybrid score)


‘Skyrim’ Boiler Room Puzzle (Underscore)