Who am I ? What do I do?

My name is Sarah Sherlock, I am a Musician, Composer & Sound Designer from Dublin, Ireland.

My background as a musician is as a guitarist. From an early age I picked up the guitar and found I had an ear for music. I played in many bands growing up, in pop-rock and punk bands. I decided to take it more seriously and have since been undergoing grade examinations in guitar techniques & performance awarded by London College of Music.

Throughout my whole life I have always been interested in music, film & video games, and as I started to experiment with producing my own music and bespoke sound design, I found my passion in composing music for visual media.

I studied for 3 years at Pulse College, located in the infamous Windmill Lane Recording Studio in Dublin. I am a graduate of their Music production for Games programme and  as of 2017 have just finished Music Production Degree. During this time I also attended many guest lectures and masterclasses by established film composers and music producers.

I’ve written music for a number of short film, trailers, web series, and created sound design for indie & vr games. I love anything creative, and bringing a project to life with music & sound  is why I love what I do, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you wish to work with me on your projects!

All The Best! :)